Robinson R22 Trial Lesson

A trial lesson in a Robinson R22 helicopter is the way most private pilots started their flying careers. This small, lightweight helicopter is by far the most popular choice for those learning due to its simplicity and low running costs.

A trial lesson will involve a ground briefing (often in the cockpit) followed by the flight itself. The primary topics covered within a trial lesson will include;

  • The fundamentals of how the helicopter works
  • The individual flight controls, their purpose and operation
  • A basic understanding of the flight instruments.

After take-off from Shoreham airport the student will have the opportunity to;

  • Manipulate each control in flight and
  • See how the helicopter responds visually or via the cockpit instruments
  • Follow the instructor through on some of more complex manoeuvres
  • Have a go at hovering
  • Experience radio communication with air traffic control.

Note: If the student is above 17st (108kg) in weight or over 6ft 2” (1.88m) in height the R22 may not be suitable. Please see the Robinson R44.


Book a Helicopter Trial Lesson

Book a Trial Lesson

Post COVID the flight school at Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport has become busy with students either catching up with their courses or fulfilling the things they always wanted to do rather than putting it off to another day.

In the past HeliFly has acted as a sales agent for the school, but with their diary sometimes full we have decided to refer visitors to our website directly to the school rather than be a middle man.

The button below will take you from the HeliFly website and into that of Advance Helicopters. Their expert instructors can start you on your journey to becoming a helicopter pilot or give you a taste of what it's like to be in control of one of the world's ultimate flying machines.

Book A Trial Lesson


  • I have flown from Shoreham, mainly did single engine planes. Although trying to fly a helicopter was more taxing. I did enjoy the experience and it's always good something different. Do the trial flight not too expensive and a brilliant way of getting to pilot a helicopter. You get to learn a little about navigation and pre-flight safety as well.
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