Private Pilot Licence – PPL(H)

For many, a flight or trial lesson in a helicopter can kindle the desire to learn to fly. At HeliFly we can turn that dream into reality and help you earn your wings.

The Private Pilot Licence (Helicopters), or PPL(H), is a Civil Aviation Authority approved training course designed to take an ab-initio (no previous experience) pilot and deliver them the theoretical and flying skills to pass the required examinations. Once completed and passed it allows you to pilot a helicopter for private, non-revenue flights.

The PPL(H) course consists of 30 air exercises and 9 theoretical knowledge examinations. Your experienced instructor will guide you through the air exercises of the course via a combination of classroom instruction and practical hands-on flying.

The theoretical knowledge examinations are, generally, self-studied before taking an approved test paper at the flight school. For individuals that may be struggling with the theoretical elements of the course additional ground school can be provided at an additional cost.

There are many milestones you’ll pass as you progress towards your PPL(H);

  • Learning to hover the helicopter
  • Taking off, flying a circuit and returning to land
  • Completing you first solo flight away from the airfield
  • Mastering aviating, navigating and communicating at the same time
  • Landing away at other airfields / landing sites
  • Getting your cross-country navigation signed off
  • And, finally, passing you PPL(H) skills test.

Goodwood and Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport both provide excellent learning environments. They are busy airfields which acclimatises the student to the air traffic environment and workload they may face when visiting other airfields within the UK.

Every budding student has a thousand and one questions. We’ve tried to answer a number of them below, but don’t hesitate to call us or drop us an email if you need further information (unless they relate to medical issues).

What are the medical requirements?
How much does it cost?
Which training helicopter is the best?