The Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival was first run in 1998, 50 years after the circuit first opened in 1948. The Revival celebrates the hayday of the Goodwood Circuit between 1948 & 1966 where it ranked alongside circuits such as Silverstone and even held Formula One British Grand Prix. Although you may be arriving by helicopter, the dress code is pre-war to the late 60’s and very few people don’t make the effort.

And that’s not all. Expect to see a vintage fun fair, hundreds of period vehicles, wheel to wheel racing in priceless machines and catch the smell of Castrol R floating in the breeze.

The Goodwood motor circuit surrounds the aerodrome, but most of “the action” at The Revival is around the start finish line and pits complex in the north east corner of the site.

The Revival’s success has seen visitor number expand and you’d better be an early riser if you don’t want to sit in traffic. Or you could avoid all that hassle and arrive at The Revival in style! The transfer time from feeder sites is around 15-20 minutes by helicopter.

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Helicopter Charters - Things to Note

To fully understand our helicopter charter offering we encourage you to read the details below.

Passenger Health
There are no special health requirements to fly in a helicopter. If your doctor would say you are fit enough to fly on a regular commercial airliner then you're fine to fly with us.
Please inform us of any passenger disabilities so can ensure they are taken into account when planning the charter. Please note that we are unable to carry wheel chairs in most helicopters.
Weight Restrictions
All helicopter have a maximum take off weight which must not be exceeded. To ensure this limit is not exceeded we will need accurate weights of each individual and also any baggage to be carried. Please let us have this info as soon as possible as it can have an effect on the helicopter / crew required.
Our helicopter charters are subject to the weather conditions. Low cloud, poor visibility or high winds can cause flights to be postponed or cancelled. Should there be doubts over the weather we will contact you as far in advance as possible to allow alternate transport plans to be put in place. But in all cases you need to have a plan B.
Most helicopter have limited stowage for hand luggage and larger baggage. If you are planning to carry baggage it is worth confirming that it can be accommodated in the aircraft before you make a booking.
Should your helicopter charter be cancelled you will receive a refund. This would normally be the full amount, but might be subject to some deductions if non-refundable deposits (such as landing slot allocations) have been paid to other parties to arrange the charter or if legs of the charter have been previously flown.
Charter Operator
Our helicopter charters are operated on Air Operators Certificate GB2055.