Experience Flights – Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that taking a helicopter flight is not something that happens every day and that you may have some questions. We have answered many of the common questions below, but if you still need further information please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us form.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Don’t worry you don’t have to dress like Biggles! Standard day wear is fine, with a jacket or fleece in the winter. You may have to walk across grass to embark / disembark the helicopter. This could be wet or even muddy, so wearing your best designer shoes is a risk!

Q: What if the weather’s bad?
A: If we think the weather is going to be against us we will try to let you know the day before via text message. If it is marginal we will endeavour to ensure you don’t have a wasted journey. However, it should be noted that being close to the coast there is always the chance of mist / fog or low cloud that was not forecasted. Should your flight be cancelled you will be offered an alternate date.

Q: Do I need a PayPal Account to place an order?
A: No. PayPal provide our credit and debit card processing services and these can be used with or without a PayPal account.

Q: Can I sit in the front?
A: On our 10, 20 & 30 minute helicopter experience flights seating is decided by the operations team when calculating the aircraft mass & balance schedule. Experience flights are generally flown in the Bell LongRanger that has good visibility for all passengers.

Q: How does the recipient book their flight?
A: The 10, 20 & 30 minute flights are held on specific dates during the year. Voucher holders can register their vouchers using our online registration form.

Q: Why do you need to know passenger weights?
A: Aviation law requires us to prepare a weight and balance schedule before any passenger transport helicopter flight. On large jets the operators are permitted to use standardised average human weights, we are not. These figures are vital to ensure the aircraft is operated safely, so please be honest!

Q: How long are the Vouchers valid for?
A: Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If the time period expires due to HeliFly cancelling a flight then we will offer a new date and honor the Voucher.

Q: Is a helicopter flight suitable for everyone?
A: Children under the age of 10 need to be accompanied. Please contact us if you intend to fly with a child under the age of 6. Those weighing in excess of 17st should let us know in advance and it is unlikely that we can accommodate you in the front seat due to machine balance restrictions. By booking a flight the customer or recipient confirms that he or she is medically and physically fit and able to participate in it. If you have any disability or restricted movement please let us know in advance.

Q: Can my friends / family watch?
A: Yes they can. Please be advised that at popular times there will be many other people in the waiting area when we are flying our 10, 20 & 30 minute helicopter flights. Seating is limited so you may need to stand. If you want a less rushed, more personal flight experience you will need to choose one of tour options.

Q: Can I take pictures?
A: Yes you can take your camera onboard. However, selfie sticks are not permitted for safety reasons.

Q: Can I have my picture taken with the pilot or by the aircraft?
A: There are professional photographers on-site for our helicopter experience flights. For safety reasons we need to minimise the time you spend under the spinning rotor disc and as such there is not time for “family” photos or selfies.

Q: Does the Voucher come in a fancy gift box?
A: No, you will receive an email with a pdf voucher that you can print for the recipient should you wish to.

Q: Can I buy more Flight Vouchers on the day if someone else also wants to go?
A: It depends on how booked up the day is. We will try to accommodate you, but to guarantee a seat you should purchase a voucher in advance and book it along with the person you wish to fly with.