Helicopter Flight Vouchers

HeliFly can present all of our flights in the form of a gift voucher. The vouchers are presented in a souvenir wallet and are DL sized making them easy to post along with a card.

Many of the more popular flights have a "Buy a Voucher" option on their relevant page within the Flights menu. If you wish to purchase a flight that does not have this option by default please either;

  • contact us via email to let us know you'd like to receive a voucher.
  • use the facility to leave a comment for the vendor during the online purchase process.

HeliFly are the only company offering 5, 10 & 15 minute experience flights from Shoreham Airport in 2015. If you purchase a helicopter experience voucher through other experience companies such as Red Letter Days or Adventure001, these will not be flown from Shoreham Airport and you or the recipient will miss the stunning views of Brighton seafront and the Sussex Downs.

The terms and conditions for our vouchers can be found here