Tel: 01273 257070 | E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 01273 257070 |E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Royal Ascot

Founded by Queen Anne in 1711 Ascot Racecourse is one of the longest established horse racing venues in the country. Initially it only hosted the Royal Meeting for 4 days once a year. Today it hosts 26 days throughout the year on both the flat and over jumps.

Helicopter transfers from Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport take around 30 minutes in our Robinson R44 helicopter (seats 3 passengers) and land at Ascot heliport which is set up exclusively for the Royal Ascot meeting on the golf course to the east of the venue. A curtosy car then transports you the short distance from Ascot Heliport to various drop-off points around the race course.

Helicopter movements in and out of Ascot heliport are controlled using a slot system. These are allocated by the heliport operators on a first come first served basis. If you have specific times you wish to fly in / out then early booking is advisable.


Inbound Only - 2020 Pricing TBC

Price includes a non-refundable Royal Ascot Heliport booking fee of £564.

If your party size is greater than 3 we can provide quotations for larger helicopters. For further information and helicopter availabilty please contact HeliFly on 01273 257070 or use the Enquiry Form on this page.

Helicopter Charters - Things to Note

To fully understand our helicopter charter offering we encourage you to read the details below.

The price above is the charter cost for our Robinson R44 helicopter and includes VAT. The price is for up to 3 passengers flying (subject to weight) and does not include entry to the event. The cost does not reduce should there be less than 3 passengers as it is based on the operating cost of the helicopter not the seats occupied.
Passenger Health
There are no special health requirements to fly in a helicopter. If your doctor would say you are fit enough to fly on a regular commercial airliner then you're fine to fly with us.
Please inform us of any passenger disabilities so can ensure they are taken into account when planning the charter. Please note that we are unable to carry wheel chairs in the R44 helicopter.
Weight Restrictions
The Robinson R44 has a maximum passenger weight of 22st. The helicopter can carry a combined passenger / baggage load of around 42st. If your party and their baggage will be close to or over 42st then it is advisable to contact us with the weights to ensure we can accommodate them.
Our helicopter charters are subject to the weather conditions. Low cloud, poor visibility or high winds can cause flights to be postponed or cancelled. Should there be doubts over the weather we will contact you as far in advance as possible to allow alternate transport plans to be put in place.
The Robinson R44 does not have a seperate luggage hold, just under seat stowage (max 50lbs). If you are planning to carry baggage it is worth confirming that it can be accommodated in the aircraft before you make a booking.
Should your helicopter charter be cancelled you will receive a refund. This would normally be the full amount, but might be subject to some deductions if non-refundable deposits have been paid to other parties to arrange the charter or if legs of the charter have been previously flown.
Charter Operator
Our helicopter charters are operated on Air Operators Certificate GB2055

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  • This tour was spectacular, my mum and I had perfect weather to see the colourful and manicured fields, grand estates, castles and stunning coastline from Bognor to Shoreham. John was very informative and made my very nervous mum at ease within the first few minutes in the air and she enjoyed every minute of our flight! I will be able to return to Australia with some great photos to show Aussies how beautiful England really is. Thank you.
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