All aircraft have restrictions as to how much they can lift and how that load is distributed. In large commercial airliners the operators can use average weights for the passengers, but in lightweight helicopters we need actual weights.

This is why we put an upper limit of 17st (106kg) on the individual flying (ie if everyone was 17st the helicopter would be at its max take off weight). So if you are buying a single ticket the individual needs to be 17st or under, otherwise they are using someone else’s allocation.

However, let’s say you were purchasing two tickets. Here one individual could, for example, be 19st if the other was 13st. Or a family of four could have 2 males weighting 20st & 18st with 2 females weighing 10st and 13st. Hopefully you get the idea, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If there is just one individual who is over 17st who wants to fly there is a chance that we could fit them in with a lighter group, but they may have to be flexible and wait around for longer. Sadly, we have too many passengers that seem to have put on a few pounds between the time they register their flight and the day they arrive and stand on the scales. This can make life pretty tricky for the ops staff.

If you are well built, say 23st, then your only option may be to purchase a 2nd seat for your own comfort as well as to keep within the machine limits.