Proposal Flights

Struggling to find an exciting and unforgettable way to 'pop the question'? HeliFly have the answer! Our range of marriage proposal flights has something for everyone; from a simple 30 minute flight with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, to dropping you at a hotel for a gourmet meal and romantic room for the night and then collecting you by helicopter after breakfast.

The basic flight lasts for 30 minutes and (unless you have a specific area you'd like to visit) departs from Shoreham heading east past Brighton along the seafront following the itinery of our Heavenly Half Hour flight. It is possible to conduct these flights at sunset at certain times of the year, but please don't use the Book a Flight option till you've checked with us.

Options that can be added to this flight include :

  • Lunch at a country house & helicopter back to Shoreham
  • Dinner at a country house and transport home by taxi
  • Dinner and a room for the night at a country house plus transport home by taxi
  • Dinner and a room for the night at a country house plus helicopter collection

Please be aware that if you are a purist that wants to 'go down on one knee', you will struggle as only contortionists from the Chinese State Circus have managed that trick in our R44!

The basic 30 minute flight including champagne costs £357 in a Robinson R44.

To receive a quotation for the basic flight plus one of the options please use the Flight Enquiry form to provide your details and options you would like a price on. We will then send you an email with a choice of hotel, meal and accommodation options.

NOTE: All flying must be complete within 15 minutes of local sunset. Due to Shoreham Airport operating hours it is not possible to conduct sunset flights throughout the year.

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  • To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, my husband organised a flight with John which also included lunch at the South Lodge Hotel, Horsham.
    It was a beautiful sunny day. The flight was superb with John pointing out various landmarks along the way. We landed at the hotel where we had an excellent lunch on the terrace before returning to Shoreham a couple of hours later.
    It was a trip to remember and worth every penny! John was very helpful and informative. Would definitely recommend.
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