Photography & Filming

Photographers have long known that capturing their subject from an unusual angle enables them to produce an image with visual impact. A helicopter provides the perfect platform to photograph buildings, landscapes and events.

With its rear pilot side door removed HeliFly's R44 makes an excellent photographic platform. Secured by a quick release harness the photographer is able to operate more freely to capture the perfect picture. Depending on the location and conditions, HeliFly may be able to operate photographic flights to within 200ft of buildings and structures rather than the usual 500 / 1000ft required by aviation law.

The added advantage of having the photographer on the same side of the helicopter as the pilot is that they both have a similar view. This enables the photographer to explain what it is they wish to capture and then for the pilot to manoeuvre the helicopter to achieve the goal. This can be much more difficult when the photographer is on the opposite side of the helicopter and can increase the time spent in the air and the overall cost.

Flight costs are primarily based on the time in the air. To receive a quotation for a particular sortie please complete the Flight Enquiry form with as much detail of your requirements as possible. Alternatively you could drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

HeliFly perform aerial photography work with a number of Sussex based photographers and video production companies. A selection of their images are shown below, some of which have been used by the press and also reproduced for display in public buildings in Brighton & Hove. Click each image to open a higher resolution photograph.

St. Hugh's Charterhouse, Parkminster
©RWCS Photographics

Amex Community Stadium
©RWCS Photographics

Below is a video produced by Fluidmoves Productions. All the aeriel elements shown were flown by HeliFly.

ConstructionPromo-Website from Fluidmoves Productions on Vimeo.