COVID-19 Restrictions

Last Updated: 1st May 2020

Before looking at the potential ramifications of COVID-19 on HeliFly, it is worth stating that we offer flights for pleasure and everything we do should work towards minimising passenger risk and delivering a great experience. We will, therefore, need to implement any restrictions/regulations within this in framework.

The Current Situation

There is currently no guidance that we can "hang our hat on" as a business. And it is unlikely that this will come soon as organisations such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will be primarily focussed on major passenger carriers before they look to us.

It is fairly obvious that social distancing can't be achieved in a small helicopter (under its current definition). Should this definition be changed so as not to specify a distance between individuals but, let's say, only a facemask needs to be worn, then we could re-commence flying. However, that is not the current advice and might not be the advice (particularly for those in vunerable groups) for some time to come.

Q: When will you be flying again?

A: At the time of writing we are unable to say. We would hope by mid to late summer, but we need better advice from regulatory bodies before we can move forward.

Q: I'd like to book a flight.

A: Please do not purchase online till you have spoken to us and taken advice. If you book online and then cancel you will incur an admin fee.

Q: I have a voucher that will expire soon.

A: Don't worry. We will extend all vouchers for the duration of the period that we are unable to fly, so you will not lose your flight.

Q: Can I book a charter for just my family?

A: There is no segregated cockpit in our helicopters so we can't socially distance you from the pilot. As such we cannot offer these flights.

  • Shoreham-by-Sea
  • Hove-Lawns
  • West-Pier
  • Brighton-Seafront-01
  • Rottingdean
  • Newhaven-Harbour
  • Lewes-Castle
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